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Simple Chub's Story

    One dandy day, Simple Sam the Subutilin woke up with a craving for cookies. When he pulled into the parking lot in his Chubrolet pick-up, he wondered if there were any coupons for Chubbie's Cookies. He checked everywhere, from Annie's Apple Orchard to Zoey's Zoo, but just he could not find any coupons. He decided to give up and begin his search for the cookies. He entered the store and immediately ran to the cookie section. There was nothing there! How could this be? Sam was really mad. He went back to all the places that he visited, from the animal store to the zipper shop, but he could not find any cookies either. He headed back to the store, disappointed. He talked to the store clerk about his problem. "Oh, I'm sorry, Sam," said the store clerk. "The new shipment of cookies just came in, but there was not enough room, so we put them over there. Sam had begun to frown, but he couldn't! He was happy to get cookies! He picked up all the cookies that he could and loaded them into his cart.
The End