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Halloween Gang


The Halloween Gang
    One Halloween day, while I was watching a certain witch, Frankenbutilin, vampire and vampira, and ghost walking down Sub-Sandwich Avenue, I, Monsterbutilin, was alerted by the M. A. D. Monster group that I was to go on a mission involving children. Oh, how I hate children! Laughing, screaming, playing… that’s all children do!  Don’t they realize that there is always something better to do?  Anyway, Mr. M.A.D. informed me that the children- a ghost, witch, set of vampires, and Frankenbutilin, were causing havoc among the monster village! Didn’t they realize that they were trespassing among the most dangerous monsters in the world? I had to stop them. In a few minutes I had put on my nifty human disguise and set off. When I got to my hiding place in the leaves, I pulled out my Subutilinocular 3000 binoculars and spied on the rotten little children. Why, they are kicking a ball around, I thought.  How queer! In the monster world, people always use their hands. Why do they use their feet if their hands are perfectly just as good? Like I said, children always have something better to do.  Anyway, as they were playing, I saw a large, dark shadow loom over them. They didn’t realize it, but this shadow was a big monster. I don’t know why I did it, but I found myself pulling out my ray gun and started blasting it everywhere. On the first shot, I saw the monster fall in pain. I immediately ran to my hiding place, but not before the children found me.


How would I ever explain this to Mr. M.A.D.? I actually helped the children! The only thing I thought to do was run. I ran and ran and ran until I ran… out of breath. Of course, the kids were already far behind me, but if I stopped, I knew they would catch me. Finally, I gave in. I couldn’t do it! I stopped to catch my breath because surely they weren’t right behind me. Yet, of course, they were piling on top of me as soon as I stopped. Oh, no.

 I was greeted by excited giggles. “Wait--- what?” I was confused. Did they think that this was all a game? Did they want to be friends? “I… I guess that… we could be… friends?”  The kids giggled again. One of them piped up, “Yeah! I’m so excited!” The others agreed. “Oh…. Okay! I’m so… excited!” I said.

Mr. M.A.D. would have to wait.

The End