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Cecelia's Story

Cecelia’s Diary


By M.S. Subutilin



October 10


"One fine morning, all was wonderful in the outskirts of London. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, King George was angry- everything was perfect in sunny London!" I said to nobody in particular. Yes, you heard me right. King George is MAD! Ever since Columbus discovered America, people have been flocking to America by the millions! Mother says that we may have to follow the flock as well. Dear diary, let us hope that we may not have to move to America and leave all of our friends behind.


October 12


Oh, diary, we are moving to America and leaving all of our friends behind! Our hopes were not enough. My Aunt Marietta paid for the tickets, and we just couldn’t say no! Let us hope for the best.


October 13


We are all packed and ready to go…unfortunately for me. The boat is big and vast, but my family and I are all packed into one room, all ten of us. I am crammed into a bunk with my wee sister and my eldest brother.  I suppose this trip can’t get any worse… can it?


Oh, Diary, we have been sailing for ten hours and I am so tired. The fog has gotten so thick that we all have to use candles just to see the ground below us. This trip is horrible….



January 10


We are here!! America is so beautiful, and I have made so many new friends! Well, one friend, at least. Her name is Storm Cover, and she is a Native American from someplace in the mountains. We have had so many adventures together in the short time that we have been friends. Our biggest feat has got to be when we united the Natives and the Englanders. Oh, yes. We threw a big feast, and Storm Cover’s mom got all the natives to help cook, while my mother received help from the colonists, including my sisters and me.


Maybe they will declare that day as a holiday someday. If I had to name it, I  would name it “Day of Giving Thanks”. Brilliant, isn’t it?

 Of course it is.


The End