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Chubby Tales

     Once upon a time ago their lived a tiny little chubbling named Mildred, but every one called her Milly. Milly was silly; make that a silly princess. Since Milly was the royal princess of all the land, she sat around all day eating pies and cookies and all of those fancy desserts her chefs would prepare. Milly's favorite things to do were to go outside and tame the pigs and skunks to not make a mess of themselves. Mildred also had a pet pig named Scout, but he caused a lot of trouble, so her family had to buy a kennel for Scout to be locked up. Unfortunately, he still snorted whenever a car went by. 

One day a package arrived at Milly's door. " Oh! A package!" the young princess cried with joy. She fussed with the package until she finally opened it. Inside the package was a skunk! Milly named her pet skunk Daisy. Daisy was a good little skunk, until she met Scout. Scout got mad when he saw how much attention Daisy was getting. One fine day Scout and Daisy got into a big fight. After the fight, Scout smelled like a skunk sprayed him, and Daisy was put in a kennel. Daisy and Scout would have never made up with each other, that is, until Daisy saved Scout's life. This is how it happened. 

One day Milly's father was out to find a pig to roast for dinner. Just as Milly's father was about to spare Scout, Daisy sprayed him in the face. Milly's father, blinded by the stench, dropped Scout and went inside for a bath. From that day on, Daisy and Scout were best friends.