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Subutiland Idol

By M. S. Subutilin

 Have you ever wanted to become famous? Do you feel like your voice needs to be heard? I certainly did when I was a chubbler. Whenever Subutiland Idol came to the small town of St. Subutilin City, I would always visit the aspiring young singers waiting to get their big break. I always hoped to see one of the judges, like Simon Subutilin, Paula Chubdul, or Chubs Jackson. There are obviously new judges now, but those judges will always have a place in my cover. One year I tried out, and actually got to meet all three of the judges. I may not have been a finalist, but I had fun along the way… the judges said that I was a cute kid and that I had real potential!!!

You can find Subutiland Idol coming soon to a city near you.


A Brand New Babe

By T.M. Subutilin

        Yesterday, at the Subutiland Zoo, we received an amazing new addition to our zoo family! You will find in the petting zoo, a brand new nite crawler baby! This grunting tike is like no ever nite crawler we have ever seen. This one, which was named Grunty, is striped pink and green! The parents must be so proud of their “li’l babe.” And get this, not only does Grunty have good looks, he grunted on the day of his birth, hence his name. Don’t forget to visit Grunty and his family at the Subutiland Petting Zoo!